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About Photostat3D

2D pictures can capture the moment and inspire the imagination, but what if you could step through the looking glass and explore places you could never image visiting or even knew existed. Photostat3D can capture your complex space and generate a virtual 3D walkthrough and have it published on the web within 24-48 hours.


It is our vision to see this type of technology used in education, tourism, real estate, hospitality, estate management, venue management, the list is endless and so are the possibilities. We love a challenge, If you can't describe in words, or use a photograph to describe or display your space we can help.


Our aim is to make using technology fun, we also want you to explore the world with a smile on your face.


Our office is mobile, so we can meet you at your's.    


It is our mission here at Photostat3D to deliver high quality and affordable 360-degree photography and 3D scanning service to the ACT and southern NSW region. we also aim to help the local community by attracting more visitors to region by giving people a taste of what we have to offer.